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About us

ITRoots limited is an IT solutions company located in Egypt. It was established with specific objectives of becoming a leading solutions provider and re-engineering expert. We understand the challenges of the increased competition within the software industry. Thus, we offer high quality and timely solutions in a cost effective manner. Our company can also assist any organization to build the most cost effective and competitive solutions. We offer professional services in the areas of software and re-engineering consulting, development, implementation, support for large projects and products. Beside that, we are considered one of the highly experienced GIS solutions providers in the market. That is through the GIS experienced team we employed to dominate some of the critical sectors in this market and to cope with the highly growing GIS Culture in the Egyptian and regional Market. Innovative ideas, long-standing experience, expert knowledge, high quality, suitable pricing, in-time delivery, honesty and commitment to professional standards are the engines that drive the potential and power of our company. ITRoots has developed an engineering organization around our extensive systems integration and solution development experience. We provide both large and small companies the ability to augment their staff with highly qualified consultants from a wide range of IT disciplines. These consultants are able to enable customer's business vision by providing technical solutions that are typically outside the realm of traditional products and services. Our Professional Services staff is able to fill in the technology and resource gaps in your organization to help achieve technical excellence at the speed of the global economy of the 21st century, And in the cases where we don't have the internal expertise to meet our customer's needs, we partner with others to provide best of breed solutions. We are also able to offer interim solutions to long term IT needs. By doing so, we take the short-term burden away so our customers can focus on their core businesses, not technology. ITRoots Professional Services offers a comprehensive set of solutions that range from assessments to planning, design and implementation. Our solutions are modular and adapt to a variety of environments. We make sure our solutions scale as our customer's business grows. We are sure to address the interdependencies and interoperability of our customer's complex networks and systems.


To be one of leading companies in the Middle East region providing professional software and re-engineering consulting, developing, implementation services, and highly experienced GIS solutions.


Our mission is to lead the regional ICT industry by providing innovative services, value-added products and IT solutions with strong emphasis on infrastructure projects that will add value to both its shareholders and the economy. This goal can only been achieved by providing customers with a variety of solutions, precise and quality wise. We are one of the best choices in the Middle East for institutions and organizations that need software design and maintenance. We provide a state-of-art, high quality and cost effective software. ITRoots offers consulting, systems development and software re-engineering". Our technological infrastructure enables us to undertake greatly complex projects in highly varied technological fields.