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SFES - Geo Sales Manager

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Provide a range of tools to manage a sales team most effectively.  With visibility over the movements of your sales force territories can be managed more efficiently, fuel expenses controlled and productivity increased.

With the increasing demands on a business to provide effective monitoring of work-related road safety the solution also monitors distances driven without a break, speeding and driver behavior. In addition knowing where your sales teams are during the working day via mobile phone tracking provides the same level of protection as lone worker solutions.  Access to this information allows the implementation of Health & Safety across the whole organization.

Product Functions:

  • Develop mobile application that used by outdoor sales to send location and the meeting status.
  • Develop web client to supervisor to review sales activities in specific area.
  • SEO friendly design and development
  • On-Job training to our team.
  • Perform Load Testing and vulnerabilities scanning.
  • Perform technical maintenance duties, such as improving the site’s performance.