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Libya Civil Registry Authority Workflow Automation

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An Integrated desktop application built using the SOA techniques, where business logic tier is developed as web services so it will be invoked from any other application or different platform for future applications development or integration.

The developed system is a one-stop shop for applicants seeking:

  • Birth Registration Workflows & Birth Certificates Printout.
  • Death Registration Workflows & Death Certificates Printout.
  • Marriage Registration Workflows & Marriage Certificates Printout.
  • Divorce Registration Workflows & Divorce Certificates Printout.
  • Transfer from one office to another in different city/district Workflows.
  • Search for Person, Family, or Operation.
  • Family Tree Printout.
  • Reports (Statistical, Operational, Users, Personals, and Family).
  • GIS Module, act as a reliable tool for decision making, especially in distribution of services related to population